Renovating a clean-water tank in a sustainable, future-proof way

If your steel or concrete tanks are getting old, it might be time to renovate them in order to ensure the quality of the drinking water that goes to consumers. We renovate your existing tank by lining it with solid plastic sheets, providing long-lasting, hygienic and safe storage for drinking water in the future.
Renovate your clean-water tank and increase operational reliability,

Renovate your clean-water tank and increase operational reliability,

because clean water to the consumer is key.

Future-proof renovation with plastic

Renovation with our plastic solution not only minimises the water plant's investment costs, but also ensures an extra-long tank lifespan with no need to worry about water quality.

We line your existing tank with 4-20 mm solid plastic sheets, so that the solution is effectively a new tank placed inside the existing tank. This ensures that contaminated surface water and groundwater cannot penetrate.

6 things you should consider before renovating

1) How much downtime can the waterworks tolerate?

2) Where will the water supply come from?

3) How old are the waterworks’ buildings?

4) Does the current water capacity match the demand from the population?

5) How much will you be involved in the renovation?

6) What is your budget?

Quick and easy installation in your existing concrete or steel tank

By inspecting the tank, we identify which solution is right for your waterworks and tank - and after that things start to move quickly.

The plastic sheets are fitted, welded together, then subjected to a spark test to ensure against leaks. Installation can be completed in as little as five working days. Installation costs and downtime are thus minimal compared to other solutions.

Optimal hygiene and safety for consumer drinking water

The smooth surface of the plastic reduces bacteria formation and growth in the water, thus ensuring good hygiene in the tank.

The plastic construction also prevents surface water and groundwater from entering and contaminating the clean drinking water delivered to the consumer.

The solution is approved for the storage of drinking water, and complies with the strict legal requirements in this area.

The plastic material lasts for more than 50 years

Plastic is not a degradable material, which in this context is actually a good thing, as it guarantees a long lifespan for the plastic sheets and thus minimal maintenance of the tank.

Moreover, the material is already in use and familiar in your system, as it is the same material as that of the plastic pipes supplying the consumer with clean drinking water today.

We are happy to help you move forward

The reaction tank had leaked a couple of times, and the last time it leaked we fitted a thin PVC liner, but unfortunately it didn't last very many years. We therefore scoured the market for a durable solution that would meet the high standards that apply to our drinking water, and that’s when we found Dansk Plast's renovation solution
Chairman Jens Andreasen
Snoldelev Vandværk
We quickly agreed that the concrete tank should be lined with drinking water-approved plastic sheets, as this would ensure that the water company could supply clean water to the local area without worrying about leaks in the tank or the ingress of contaminated surface water.
Bent Holst
Chairman, Vester Nebel Vandværk
The board is very satisfied with everything relating to the work which has been carried out for us by Dansk Plast. We can only recommend other waterworks to get in touch with them. All the contact we have had with the employees – from the management to the fitters – has been extremely satisfactory. And the result is that we hopefully won’t have to think about these tanks for many years, apart from cleaning the bottoms perhaps. Other waterworks have seen the result, and are very impressed. We envisage there are numerous water tanks in Denmark that ought to be treated in this way. Thank you for the excellent collaboration.
Lennart Nilsson, treasurer, Undløse Vandværk
We were looking for a durable solution and after some research, I found that only Dansk Plast offered a drinking water-approved and long lasting solution. It was obvious to me that they had a lot of experience and control over the workflow. And I certainly haven't regretted it.
Dalby Vandværk