Renovated clean water tank increases security of supply in the Municipality of Kolding.

Vester Nebel Vandværk
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The waterworks Vester Nebel Vandværk in southern Jutland was concerned about leaks as well as the ingress of surface water and groundwater into their clean water tank. The water tank was made of concrete, and therefore they wanted to find the best possible way of renovating it, and which also complied with drinking water storage requirements.
Specially designed walkways for tank inspection
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We quickly agreed that the concrete tank should be lined with drinking water-approved plastic sheets, as this would ensure that the water company could supply clean water to the local area without worrying about leaks in the tank or the ingress of contaminated surface water.

- Bent Holst, chairman, Vester Nebel Vandværk
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Fresh water for consumers and optimising the waterworks’ security of supply.

In order to optimise the waterworks’ security of supply, together with the contractor Vand Schmidt A/S it was decided to divide the tank in two. In this way, the waterworks would be able to supply consumers with clean water in the event that one of the tanks ceased to function.

An added advantage of the solution was that the waterworks would be able to up and downscale their tank capacity according to need, and thereby avoid having old and unused water in the tank.

By cladding the inside of the tank with plastic sheets, it was easy for us to divide it in two, and the plastic’s flexibility meant that we could simply create a new tank inside the existing concrete construction.

The first part of the concrete tank has already been clad in plastic and taken into use.