Inspections - avoid unpredicted financial and operational consequences

Inspections, west Greenland
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In connection with the renovation of winter water tanks on the west coast of Greenland, we have simultaneously carried out inspections of 15 drinking water tanks. The customer wanted a review in order to create a long-term renovation and maintenance plan, in order to avoid unpredicted financial and operational consequences.

At Dansk Plast, we experience the importance of carrying out inspections. In this way, you can be at the forefront of the challenges that can arise in the event of a stoppage of operation and shutdown of a drinking water tank, whether the tank is located in Greenland, Denmark or elsewhere.

Inspection of winter water tank. Time is used while the water is taken from the tank.
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Why inspection?

Inspections are carried out to prevent major damage, as well as to give the customer an overview of which priorities to consider, according to a renovation plan.

Regular inspection means that premature shutdowns can be avoided, just as the inspection gives a clear insight into the current and future condition of the water tank.

Damages which, on the other hand, are discovered too late, may have greater financial impact than if they had been discovered in time.

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At Dansk Plast, we would like to work with you throughout the entire project and as part of the overall package, we always recommend inspection and measurement of your next project.

Time and time again, we experience the importance of having a thorough inspection done, otherwise unexpected and often expensive surprises can appear.

A good inspection and measurement also means that the final result will be better, as we can prepare the task down to the smallest detail from our workshop.

All drinking water tanks and projects are different - we are ready to advise you!

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Inspection report

During the inspection, we make a detailed report which, together with pictures, documents the condition of the tank.

We review the report together with the customer, come up with our advise on the condition of the tank and any recommendation of renovation or new construction.