Sewerage, wastewater treatment and disposal solutions

We provide sustainable and durable solutions for everything from storm-water drainage and sewage treatment to the actual treatment process at the wastewater plant. Among our products are PE plastic pump stations, section wells and sewage containers, which are durable and virtually maintenance-free.
Plastic is ideal for wastewater as it is a highly resistant material.

Long-life solutions

for water and sewerage installations

Safe management of wastewater

Wastewater treatment can involve countless undefined chemicals that may potentially cause damage to concrete and steel tanks.

Plastic is therefore an ideal material for wastewater, as it is resistant to chemicals and thus not affected by the wastewater or its contents. This makes it the safest and most sustainable solution, now and in the future.

Quality installation and assembly

We not only deliver, we also install our products for wastewater, so you are assured that the installation is done correctly and the product works optimally.

You are always welcome to do the installation yourself, but it will often require a certain level of expertise from the installer if we are to guarantee the good quality of the product.

Protect your current tank with plastic lining

If you have an existing wastewater tank that you want to protect from corrosive liquids, it is possible to line it with plastic to make it 100% watertight. The plastic material is flexible, making it easy to line any container.

This solution enables you to secure your tank against corrosive liquids and eliminate future worries about storage.

We can also help if you are a contractor and need assistance with other tasks