Reliable and hygienic tanks and pipelines for both drinking and wastewater.

We specialise in building and custom-designing well thought-out and robust solutions for the water industry. Our solutions include everything from renovation of existing drinking-water tanks and construction of new ones, to piping, drainage and a wide range of solutions for wastewater.

Solutions and services


Everything from new construction to life-extending renovation

We get your project done and advise you on the best solution

Tailor-made solutions for drinking water and wastewater

If you need something completely new, we'll start the project together in the development phase, working together to identify your needs. The more we know about what the product will be used for and exposed to, the better your solution will be.

Our production engineering department is more than ready to put their expertise to work and develop your product, whether it's tanks, pipework or larger system installations for the water and wastewater plant. No project is too big or too small.

Qualified advice whatever your needs

Many questions can arise when a new project is embarked upon. For example, you may be unsure whether to renovate your clean-water tanks at the waterworks or install new ones, or you may need a sparring partner for a new wastewater product.

We will therefore be delighted to make an inspection visit to your water or wastewater treatment plant to assess the best solution. If you need help choosing a material, our 15 years of experience in plastics also allows us to assess what is possible and what is not.

Our advice extends from the initial design stages through to the production and assembly of products.

All products can be custom-made

All projects are different, so solutions are rarely the same. For this reason, we have production facilities to customise products to exactly the dimensions you require. Some products we will finish at our own premises, while others we will weld together at your location.

Our large machine park is located at our premises in Esbjerg, which keeps us in close touch with production at all steps of the process. This also allows us to ensure that all quality procedures are followed and that products are tested before use.

Certified welding and assembly

Some products can be delivered ready-made, while others need to be welded together at your location. In either case, we only use welders who are certified to DS 2383:1997, which means you are guaranteed high quality in the plastic welding itself. All our products are subjected to spark-testing or load-testing to ensure that there are no leaks, and all welds are also reviewed by the project manager and works manager.

We do not insist on installing the product itself, but an approved installer with a certain level of expertise will often be needed for us to guarantee the quality of the product.

By using Dansk Plast for the installation, you are assured that the installation is done correctly.

The reaction tank had leaked a couple of times, and the last time it leaked we fitted a thin PVC liner, but unfortunately it didn't last very many years. We therefore scoured the market for a durable solution that would meet the high standards that apply to our drinking water, and that’s when we found Dansk Plast's renovation solution
Chairman Jens Andreasen
Snoldelev Vandværk
We quickly agreed that the concrete tank should be lined with drinking water-approved plastic sheets, as this would ensure that the water company could supply clean water to the local area without worrying about leaks in the tank or the ingress of contaminated surface water.
Bent Holst
Chairman, Vester Nebel Vandværk
The board is very satisfied with everything relating to the work which has been carried out for us by Dansk Plast. We can only recommend other waterworks to get in touch with them. All the contact we have had with the employees – from the management to the fitters – has been extremely satisfactory. And the result is that we hopefully won’t have to think about these tanks for many years, apart from cleaning the bottoms perhaps. Other waterworks have seen the result, and are very impressed. We envisage there are numerous water tanks in Denmark that ought to be treated in this way. Thank you for the excellent collaboration.
Lennart Nilsson, treasurer, Undløse Vandværk