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Plastic is an important and sustainable resource

More people than ever before are now realising that plastic is the sustainable choice when the life cycle of the whole product is taken into account.

Like so many others, we are of course in favour of recycling plastic to keep it in constant circulation. We see it as a huge advantage that this particular material can be partially or fully recycled, so we help to minimise CO2 emissions in our production.

In an industrial context, plastics and their properties also play an important role. In fact, plastics have unique properties that make them ideal for use in the water, chemicals and foodstuffs industries.

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Production of plastics

The primary raw material for plastics is crude oil, but unlike in other processes, the oil used for plastics production subsequently be recycled for other purposes before final conversion to energy at the combustion plant.

Plastics therefore account for just 5% of world oil consumption.

The production process starts with the distillation of heavy crude oil in an oil refinery, where it is separated into lighter oil products, including naphtha, the key raw material for plastics production. Besides oil, plastics are also made from cellulose, coal, natural gas and salt.

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The positive properties of plastic

The many different types of plastics have unique properties that give each of them various advantages over traditional building materials.

Plastic in general is a durable and long-lasting material that is also resistant to chemicals and that, unlike other materials such as steel, will therefore not be damaged by chemical content. It is also hostile to bacterial growth and easy to clean. Plastic is also a flexible material, making it easy to produce products of all sizes and shapes.

Given its long life cycle and many positive properties, plastic would be a sustainable choice for your next project.

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We are committed to recycling

We use plastics wisely, which is why we use recycled plastics in projects where it makes sense. Recycling plastics minimises CO2 emissions, as new plastics do not need to be manufactured.

At Dansk Plast, we also sort our own waste materials for recycling so that as much of the material as possible is recycled.

We collect our plastic waste in separate containers. The PP plastic is then sent to Polyloop Plastic Recycling for recycling, thus contributing to a positive life cycle for the plastic. There it is transformed into new raw materials that are used for myriad purposes.

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