Tanks for storing highly corrosive liquids

We plan, design and manufacture long-life plastic tanks for the storage of such corrosive liquid products as process water, acids, alkaline liquids, flocculants and salt solutions for wastewater treatment.
Plastic chemicals tanks have a long lifespan, as the material is resistant to chemicals.

Long-life chemicals tanks

The safe solution for corrosive liquids

Specific production

We offer complete customised solutions, adapted to your specific needs.

We produce our chemicals tanks especially for each job, and choose the right type of plastic by calculating the resilience and lifespan of the material, taking into account temperature effects and the specific chemicals the tank will contain.

We install the finished tanks, so you are assured that the installation will be done correctly.

High resistance to chemicals

When storing or transporting chemicals, you need a tank made of a material that is extremely strong - which plastic is.

When exposed to aggressive liquids, structures such as concrete and metal (1) will corrode over time.

Plastic tanks, on the other hand, have a long lifespan, as the material is highly resistant to chemicals as well as to corrosion, wear and tear, aggressive liquids and climatic influences.

Protect your current chemicals tank with a plastic lining

If you have an existing chemicals tank that has not yet reached the end of its life, you can future-proof it by lining the inside with plastic.

This will protect the container against corrosive liquids and keep it 100% leakproof. The plastic material is flexible, making it easy to line any container.

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