Subcontractor on water , gas and chemical projects

Benefitting as we do from many years’ experience in plastics and a team qualified to deal with everything related to water, chemicals, gas etc., we often act as a subcontractor or sub-supplier. We value reliable collaboration and good workmanship.

Solutions and services


With our years of experience in plastic welding

you can expect good quality and good collaboration

We only use certified welding fitters

We believe that good craftsmanship gives the best product to the customer, which is why we only use welders who are certified to USME and UVE standards, which means we are certified to weld in plastic. We also train all our welders ourselves.

You can use us for plastic welding and installation, no matter whether we manufactured the product ourselves or whether you chose another plastics supplier. We are specialists in plastic installation, so we can guarantee that the product will be installed correctly and work optimally.

Reliable partner for everything in plastics

It is important to us that our partners can always rely on us, and we are therefore honest and transparent in our work process, so that we never promise more than we can deliver. Together, we have more than 15 years of experience with plastics, and we understand what it is and is not possible to do with them.