Reliable solutions for the storage and transport of aggressive liquids

Chemistry is a broad concept, involving a number of different industries. But whether you are transporting biomass, wastewater treatment solutions or storing other chemical products, plants, tanks and pipelines need to be able to withstand chemicals and corrosive liquids. And plastic can.

Solutions and services


Plastic solutions for different industries and needs

Tanks and piping for chemical fluids.

Chemical liquids are used in many industries

Our solutions can be used in such industrial settings such as:

  • Refineries
  • Water treatment installations
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Foodstuff factories
  • Power plants
  • Hydropower plants
  • Papermaking

Plastic is resistant to chemicals

Liquid acid or alkaline liquids are tough on concrete and metal, so products in these materials will corrode quickly. Plastic, on the other hand, is resistant to most chemical liquids. Tanks and piping in this material will therefore be much more durable and safer, as the plastic will always remain 100% leakproof.

The products are produced according to your wishes and requirements

Every project is different, so we'll tailor a solution to suit your particular needs. We make our products especially for each job, so we’re careful to choose the type of plastic that takes into account the substance to be transported, cleaned or whatever requirement applies.

We are also happy to install the finished products, so you can be sure that the installation will be done correctly.

Dansk Plast was always at our disposal, and we maintained a close dialogue with them throughout the project. Smooth collaboration was important to us, and it must be said that this is exactly what we got. We now have a high-quality product with a long lifespan that meets our stringent safety standards.
Carsten Møller Nielsen
Din Forsyning
My main recommendation is to find a partner with extensive experience with the plastic material and an understanding of large plastic structures. We set great store by the product’s being 100% impermeable and of high quality. At the same time, it was also important for it to be sustainable as possible. Dansk Plast were also in full control of their documentation and quality throughout. We are subject to especially strict standards for water testing, which is why independent inspections are carried out regularly, and we have not yet experienced any problems.
Michael Simonsen
Glostrup Sports Centre