• CNC machining in plastics

We have the machines and skills in-house for CNC plastic machining

We process large sheets of plastic on our two 3-axis CNC milling machines, and we also have a large machine park, which enables us to solve most tasks. We make both large and small series and can meet any request in plastic machining.
Our machine park includes a wide range of different machines

Specialised CNC plastic machining

in both large and small series

We are specialists in plastic sheet machining

Our machine park is equipped with two CNC milling machines, each with 18 tools in the magazine. This means that we can accomplish many different projects in our production with ease.

For example, our CNC machines can mill large workpieces measuring 4100mm (x) 2100 (y) 100mm in one piece, but also machine very small items. They can also drill up to 8 holes at a time with a hole spacing of 32 mm.

Our extensive experience in sheet machining enables us to plan and refine our workflows to minimise material waste.

We are committed to quality assurance

At Dansk Plast, we set high standards for our work. We ensure quality during project planning and during and after production, and we work mainly with tolerances that correspond to DS/ISO 2768-1 m.

On our CNC machines we mainly machine these plastic types:

  • PE plastic (polyethylene)
  • PP plastic (polypropylene)
  • POM plastic (polyoxymethylene)

... but we can also handle: Acrylic, PC, PA, PA6, PTFE, PVDF, etc.

We work according to your wishes

Our large machine park makes it possible to meet most of our customers' requirements. You can supply the CAD files or we can create them for you and then produce your new plastic workpiece directly from these.

Our machinery also includes:

  • 2 x CNC milling machines
  • 2 x saws - 1 x vertical and 1 x horizontal saw capable of sawing sheets up to 3100 mm in width
  • 2 x plate welders capable of welding plates up to 6 m in width

We make items such as gears, folding boxes, fittings, pipe fittings, profiles, mouldings, etc.

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