Development and design of customised solutions in plastic

We offer development and design of customised solutions, for large and small projects alike - and if the solution does not yet exist, we have dedicated employees at Dansk Plast who are specialists in inventing it. We listen, advise and quickly turn a hand-drawn idea into a 3D drawing and a finished product.

Solutions and services


Innovative plastic solutions according to your wishes

We have 15 years of creative experience and expertise.

Quality assurance from start to finish

With our in-house production we can follow the products from drawing and realized product to delivery and installation.

In this way, we ensure high quality, as we are involved from the very beginning to the end of the project.

We are committed to providing our customers with the best solution - whether that solution existed before we started the project, or whether we developed it ourselves.

Trust is important for good collaboration

New products and solutions require precious time and resources to launch, and it is therefore crucial to have confidence in your partners.

At Dansk Plast, we are committed to establishing a good working relationship and are happy to share our knowledge and know-how.

Special designs for many industries

We have extensive knowledge of plastic materials for foodstuffs, drinking water and chemistry, as well as which materials can withstand different temperatures and forces. This means that we know a lot about what is and is not possible in a wide range of industries.

Our production facility also has large machines for welding large structures, so the possibilities are endless.

Dansk Plast has been involved in the process since the very start of our development of the biofilter housings. They are great at meeting delivery times and if we get into difficulties, they always fix it. They are reliable and always deliver good quality. Our cooperation has been excellent. I can’t recommend them highly enough.
Jørgen Højmark
Hybridfilter A/S
My main recommendation is to find a partner with extensive experience with the plastic material and an understanding of large plastic structures. We set great store by the product’s being 100% impermeable and of high quality. At the same time, it was also important for it to be sustainable as possible. Dansk Plast were also in full control of their documentation and quality throughout. We are subject to especially strict standards for water testing, which is why independent inspections are carried out regularly, and we have not yet experienced any problems.
Michael Simonsen
Glostrup Sports Centre
Today, Dansk Plast produces our components, and has been closely involved in developing the solution throughout the entire process. Our collaboration has resulted in efficient solutions and development. Dansk Plast A/S is our preferred partner for the development and production of components in recycled plastic.
Søren Nielsen
Sales Manager, NTEK A/S