Cabinets for biofilters that eliminate odours and reduce sulphur emissions from industry

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Special solutions,
Cabinets for biofilters that can be used wherever there are odour problems in industry.

We have been involved ever since the development phase of the hybrid filter housings, in which we drew up, designed and developed the finished product in close collaboration with the customer.

We are now responsible for Hybridfilter’s permanent production, which gives them high quality at reasonable prices – even if we say so ourselves. On this basis, the company has succeeded in gaining a foothold with the big players on the market. Today it sells its solution to companies such as Stryhns and Novo Nordisk, and to the biogas industry and utilities.

Detailed pictures of biofilter cabinets
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A solid partner for a development project

Hybridfilter A/S needed a partner to develop biological filters, called biofilter housings or cabinets, for eliminating odours and reducing sulphur emissions from industry. These cabinets were intended for use wherever odour problems arose, for example in sewage treatment plants, production plants, wastewater plants and in the biogas sector. They therefore had to be able to withstand acid, chemicals and weather changes, as well as being able to be produced in a range of sizes to suit the customer's needs.

We have been involved in the project since the very beginning, and were thus involved in the design and development of the biofilter housings that Hybridfilter still has us producing today.

Hybridfilter Kopi

Dansk Plast has been involved in the process since the very start of our development of the biofilter housings. They are great at meeting delivery times and if we get into difficulties, they always fix it. They are reliable and always deliver good quality. Our cooperation has been excellent. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Jørgen Højmark Jensen, Hybridfilter A/S
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Chemical-resistant material

The biofilter will be made out of black PE plastic (polyethylene). This type of plastic can be used for many purposes, as it is a highly resistant material that withstands both acids and chemicals. It can therefore withstand the hydrogen sulphide gases that pass through the filter.

By producing the filter housing in PE plastic, we have achieved a product that is very hard-wearing and therefore offers an extremely durable solution, no matter which industry uses the filter. The biofilter housings are produced in sizes ranging from 100 m3 to 4,000 m3, and can therefore be used in many industrial contexts.