Plastic pipes for stable buoyancy of floating jetties

Floating pontoon in Esbjerg
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We were involved in the establishment and expansion of Esbjerg Marina, with a total of 300 moorings.

Establishing this marina at Esbjerg Strand entailed the use of a number of floating jetties for boats to moor.

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Plastic pipes for stable buoyancy of floating jetties

Our long-standing partners at Kentek Flydebroer, who specialise in these products, brought us into the project.

The job for us in this project was to deliver and weld the plastic pipes that would provide the buoyancy for the jetty itself. We selected Ø500 PE plastic pipes for the project, butt-welding them together in situ and sealing them with plugs so that they could be used as floating pontoons for the jetty.

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I have collaborated with Dansk Plast on many projects, and they are always there if I need help - they do a good job every time

Owner of Kentek, Kent
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Stable floating jetty

The plastic material makes for a stable floating jetty that is both lightweight and long-lasting.

The plastic does not decompose as other materials for floating jetties do.

It can of course also be recycled if the jetties are replaced one day.

We have worked with Kentek on a variety of projects over recent years, taking on everything from small jobs to larger assignments.