Recycled plastic given new lease of life as drum lids for air-extraction systems at recycling centres.

Special solutions
Specially produced cabins and plastic drum lids for air-extraction systems in chemicals rooms at recycling stations.

NTEK, a specialist supplier of energy-optimisation solutions and complex systems for air extraction and ventilation, wanted a sustainable air-extraction system for chemicals rooms at recycling stations. When handling chemical products and hazardous waste on a daily basis, which happens at recycling stations, it is important to have a safe air-extraction system. NTEK already had one, but they wanted to make it even better and more sustainable to ensure good working conditions for the employees – and it was here that Dansk Plast came into the picture.

The requirements for the new air-extraction products was that they should be easy to handle, made of recycled plastic, user-friendly and safe for the personnel.

Designed and finished air-extraction lid in recycled plastic
DSC 0003

Close collaboration with NTEK

Working closely together, we developed and produced new air-extraction lids and cabins that were made of regenerated plastic.

By using recycled plastic, we were able to produce various components that were very light, and therefore easy to handle on a daily basis at the recycling stations.

Using recycled plastic is not just good for the environment – it also makes life easier for employees.

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Today, Dansk Plast produces our components, and has been closely involved in developing the solution throughout the entire process. Our collaboration has resulted in efficient solutions and development. Dansk Plast A/S is our preferred partner for the development and production of components in recycled plastic.

Søren Nielsen, Sales Manager at NTEK A/S.
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From finished product to permanent partnership.

Plastic is also a chemical-resistant material, and is therefore perfect for handling chemical products, as it is not affected by extracting poisonous and hazardous fumes. Therefore, it is invaluable on a daily basis, where the safety of our employees who handle the hazardous waste has top priority.

The collaboration with NTEK subsequently evolved into a permanent partnership.