Reliable piping for chemical, gas etc.

When you need to transport chemical products and corrosive liquids, pipes made of a strong material are important - which is why we recommend plastic. When using plastic, you are assured of long-lasting pipes, as the material is hard-wearing and resistant to chemicals.
The plastic pipes are always welded, installed and tested by our certified employees before they are put into use.

Plastic piping for corrosive liquids

We ensure long-lasting and safe transport of chemicals

Plastic pipes with high resistance to chemicals

Plastic is an extremely strong material, which makes it perfect for transporting liquids such as chemicals.

Unlike other materials, which will corrode over time, plastics are also resistant to corrosion, erosion, aggressive liquids and climatic influences.

Customised plastic materials

In light of our extensive experience at working with plastics, we know precisely which types of plastic to use for your particular project.

When supplying to the chemical and food industries, we often use PP plastic for example, as it is resistant to most chemicals and solvents.

For piping outdoors, we also make sure that the material is UV-stabilised.

We comply with all statutory requirements and always use certified fitters

Our pipes are always welded and fitted by our own employees, who are certified to USME (Extended to butt, socket and electrofusion welding) and UVE (Extended to hot-gas and extrusion welding) standards.

This means they are approved for working on pipe systems and other constructions that contain chemicals.

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