• In-house design studio

From hand-drawn sketch to finished 3D drawing

Product development requires experience and skilled technical designers - and we have them! We are involved in the entire product development phase from idea to finished product

Our in-house design office can help with sparring

We know what’s possible and the limitations

Visualise your idea

Our production engineers and technical designers have solid experience in product development in interaction with other disciplines and can develop production-friendly solutions that match your specifications.

Using our many years of experience, we can contribute with plenty of sparring regarding the possibilities and technical limitations related to developing a product in plastic.

Together we can easily visualise your idea into a series of 3D drawings from which we can work. We are your sparring partner throughout the project, and we are committed to maintaining a close dialogue throughout the process in order to achieve the best possible product together.

Drawing assignments

Our in-house drawing specialists can help with any drawing challenge. Combined with their practical and technical knowledge, they can help with most 3D drawing tasks.

All tasks are welcome, whether they are well defined in the form of drawings, or whether you are looking for a solution to a problem.

We combine engineering and workshop knowledge

Our production facility houses the largest welding machine in the Nordic countries for welding large structures, so the possibilities are endless.

We also have a number of CNC machines that can handle most tasks.

We carry out all the necessary machining, as well as continuous quality control, to ensure that the product is perfect when it leaves our production facility.

Read more about our competences and quality assurance, and about working with us