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In future, the climate will require robust and well thought-out solutions that can cope with torrential rain and large amounts of water, and at Horsedammen in Brøndby, it was particularly important to them to protect themselves from increasing amounts of water.

HOFOR therefore wanted to build a new car park with specially-made asphalt, through which rainwater could percolate into a 2800 m3 rainwater basin, which was to be built as an extension to the car park.

HOFOR, the utility company for the Copenhagen capital region, was in charge of the overall project in close collaboration with NIRAS, but they needed a supplier experienced in similar projects for parts for the storm-water basin.

At Dansk Plast, we have expertise and experience in the manufacture of buffer tanks, cisterns and piping, and we are delighted to be able to contribute this to the project.

Base plates, custom bushings and custom-designed end closures for cisterns
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Extreme weather conditions require hard-wearing materials

HOFOR succeeded in establishing a system that is capable not only of keeping extreme quantities of rainwater out of the car park, but s also able to act as a buffer for surrounding sewerage pipes, to prevent heavy rainfall from stressing them.

The car park can, for example, absorb 10 litres of water per second per m2 in extreme weather conditions.

Most of the basin was made of plastic, making it not only a cheap but also a sustainable solution for HOFOR, as the material is extremely durable, easy to clean and can be recycled as needed.

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Our expertise

We were responsible for custom-designing and building several products for the rainwater basin - all in plastic. We designed a custom Ø560 end closure for the cisterns, which ensures that the water is directed down to the rainwater tank. We also produced 18 custom Ø630 bushings cast in concrete.

Under the rainwater basin, we also laid 2160 metres of plastic underlays, onto which 4mm edges were welded on both sides, amounting to 4320 metres of edges. The edges were already fitted at our workshop in Esbjerg, where our plate butt welder can handle up to 6 metres per weld.

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Reliable, future-proof basin

Dansk Plast carried out the project in stages, as the contractor needed to be able to drive heavy work equipment on site. We completed 5-6 rows of 120 meters of underlay per stage.

The overall solution has given HOFOR a reliable, low-cost basin that anticipates the climate challenges of the future.