Future-proofing of waterworks with short downtime

Skrydstrup waterwork
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The waterworks in Skrydstrup was renovated in 2016. All joints were replaced here. When the tank had to be inspected 5 years later, it turned out that they had the same problem as in 2016 - the joints had to be changed again. In the board, different solutions were discussed, should we build completely new or renovate the tank again?
Inspection and measurement of the tank before renovation
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The decision phase - renovation or new?

In the board, there were different solutions up for grabs.

The board decided to visit V.Nebel waterworks (Kolding), which in 2021 had a Dansk Plast solution made.
After the visit, the board agreed that this was the solution they went with.

Everyone had a good gut feeling, and the costs of a renovation were much more manageable for the board, and ultimately also in the interests of the consumers.

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Short renovation time - fast start-up

When the tank was renovated in 2016 (new joints), it took 2 months after the renovation before the water quality was below the limit values. This meant that the waterworks had to have an emergency supply during this period.
By choosing a Dansk Plast solution, the customer gets a much shorter renovation period, as well as a quick start-up afterwards.
During a week after the water is filled in the newly renovated tank, the water quality is below all the limit values ​​and ready to send out to consumers.
That is a difference that can be felt!

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The cooperation with Dansk Plast has been very good throughout the project.

Everyone is incredibly nice and is not afraid to stay an extra hour to get things done.

Chairman Skrydstrup waterworks, Kjeld M. Skøtt
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Disinfection and handover

After the renovation, Dansk Plast disinfected the tank, so the customer could immediately start filling with water.

Barely 4 weeks after we started the renovation, the tank was in full operation again.

Subsequently, we have been in close dialogue with Kjeld regarding the initiation of operations, thus ensuring that everything went according to plan, which of course it did.