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  •   / 10. Jun 2021

A sustainable and life-extending drinking-water solution for Greenland

10. Jun 2021
The Arctic climate in Greenland presents challenges for the renovation of drinking-water tanks. One problem is freezing conditions day and night, which hamper tank renovation work.

The containers are packed, loaded and ready for another departure for Greenland. We have several projects involving the renovation of old concrete or steel tanks to secure residents’ future drinking water.

But renovation in Greenland is not straightforward: weather conditions can make it difficult. A successful life-extending renovation of existing drinking-water tanks therefore requires customers to consider short installation and downtimes, the strength of materials and subsequent maintenance.

The Dansk Plast solution has a short installation time and the facility is quickly back in operation, as renovation using plastic sheets does not require curing time, unlike other solutions such as coating. The renovation is a life-extending solution that is easy to maintain, and the plastic material is extremely durable and long-lasting even in Greenlandic weather conditions.

Renovating clean-water tanks is a task that requires a huge amount of preparation and close dialogue with the Greenlandic authorities, but which results in better drinking water for Greenland's inhabitants.

We look forward to getting back to work.