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  •   / 08. Nov 2022

We have strengthened our sales team

08. Nov 2022
Welcome to Alice Thuesen. Alice has many years of experience in both sales and plastics, it must be a perfect match.

Introduction of Alice:

Sales and plastics have been central to most of my working life, where I, among other things, has worked with sales to large customers, product development and project management.

For me, plastic is a fantastic material with properties that still inspire and open up new possibilities. Both when it comes to the development of sustainable products and new market areas.

After only 14 days as sales manager at Dansk Plast, the distance between packaging in foam plastic and m3-sized pure water tanks and swimming pools in PP plastic may seem rather long. Fortunately, I am in good hands with a very skilled and professional working team and look forward to learning new things so that I can contribute positively to Dansk Plast A/S's growth strategy.

I'm sure I've landed in a really good place 😊 - where knowledge sharing, development and well-being are part of the company's DNA.